The best ways to take care of your sexual health

A state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being related to sexuality. This is how the World Health Organisation (WHO) defines sexual health. For many sexologists, sexual health is having healthy relationships, respecting each other, enjoying sex, having safe and protected sex, and not doing anything they do not want to do.

For this reason, many of them also emphasise the link between sexual and mental health. They state that there are mental illnesses that can lead to sexual dysfunctions, either because of the pathologies themselves or because of the drugs with which they are treated. In the same way, sexual dysfunctions can lead to depression or anxiety.

In fact, one of the problems encountered by sexuality professionals is that the western lifestyle does not make it easy to devote oneself to love, eroticism, a partner or an Ahmedabad escort.

Therefore, it is important to favour those moments, as well as to promote healthy habits, such as giving up smoking, having an adequate diet, having an active life or giving leisure the space it deserves.

Here are 10 tips on how to improve your sexual health:

1. Exercise regularly

Exercising will improve your emotional state, and this state of well-being and satisfaction is likely to increase your libido. In addition, regular exercise will improve physical fitness, which helps you enjoy more in bed.

Swimming is a good example of low-impact exercise. It is a sport that, in women, can strengthen pelvic floor tone, which is important for coping with sexual dysfunctions such as vaginismus and difficulty reaching orgasm. In men, it is good for overcoming ejaculation control problems and improving erections.

Pilates is beneficial for improving sex life, as long as you do not have pelvic floor problems. If you do, you should solve them first so that these exercises don’t aggravate the situation. Many Perth escorts at Skokka, an adult classifieds portal available in 27 countries, have this exercise pretty much in mind.

2. Quit smoking

The FESS member points to research that supports the harm of smoking on erectile function. Tobacco affects blood flow in the penis, leading to premature ageing of the penile arteries.

3. Eat a balanced diet

Men who base their diet on a high saturated fat content have up to 38 per cent lower sperm concentration in the ejaculate, and 41 per cent less sperm fluid.

4. Do not engage in risky practices

Good sexual health depends on multiple factors. Among the most important is the use of contraception, which helps prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies.

In this aspect, experts assure that a negligent exercise of sexuality turns it into a cause of health problems, suffering and personal and social imbalance.

In this regard, it is worth remembering that:

– Sexually transmitted diseases do not distinguish whether one is homosexual, female, young, male, bisexual, tall, heterosexual, etc. Everyone can get them.

– The only way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases is by using condoms.

5. Use contraceptives

It is also recommended to know all contraceptive methods: barrier methods (mechanical or chemical), hormonal methods, IUDs and surgical methods. She warns that reversal is not a method of contraception.

6. Practice emotional self-management techniques

Stress often leads to a decrease in sexual desire by reducing the level of testosterone in the blood. In these cases, regular breathing practice, muscle relaxation and mindfulness or meditation can help regulate emotions.

7. Avoid toxic relationships

Also on the emotional level, toxic relationships should be avoided. Every relationship should be a relationship between equals, consented to by both partners, without pressure, blackmail or violence.

In a relationship, pleasure, tenderness and affection are shared. Equally, the right to disengage from the other person must be defended. Sexologists believe that this is the only way to be coherent and to accept that human beings are free and responsible.

8. Improve sexual information

It is very important to be aware of risky practices and the methods available to avoid these risks. Knowing what a healthy relationship is and knowing where to go when a problem arises.

In this sense, it is necessary to improve our self-knowledge and psychoeducation as an escort about the elements that favour well-being and erotic and sexual growth.

9. Knowing ourselves

In relation to the previous point, to know ourselves as sexual beings, to know our bodies, to learn to love ourselves, to value ourselves, to like ourselves, and to know how to express our eroticism in such a way that we are happy, accepting all our peculiarities.

10. Communicate

The FESS expert assures that the more communication with the partner, the lower the risk of misunderstandings in the sexual field and the greater the probability of improving the quality of the erotic encounter. Erotic communication is a powerful aphrodisiac and relational and emotional communication is a neutraliser of possible interferences in the sexual sphere.


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