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At Romantic Adventures Jackon MS, love helping people expand their sexual horizons. We enjoy pointing them in the right direction, and once people have experienced that sexual thrill, they return for more. 

If you are a woman struggling to decide which sex toy to pick, this article will go through ten of the biggest-selling products at Romantic Adventures. You can pick these products up in store or if you are not close to the store, you can buy them online. 

Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator

It isn’t a list of the top sex toys for women if a bullet vibrator isn’t included. Women love them. They are the sort of thing you can slide into your handbag for a bit of a sexual adventure ‘on the go.’ 

Why not bring one along on a business trip?

Despite the small size, this vibrator packs a real punch. Ten vibration settings will drive you to orgasm over and over. 

Womanizer The Original Liberty Rose Pink Clitoral Stimulator

Want to enjoy yourself without making too much noise? Well, you may want to check out the Womanizer.

This nifty gadget will deliver pleasurable bursts of air directly to your clitoris. There are six different intensity levels, so you can choose how much pleasure you want (and can handle).

There are no vibrations here, which means that it is virtually silent. 

Romp Wave Lay-On Vibrator

This tiny vibrator is kitted with six different vibration levels and four speeds. You get a lot of choices in the strength of the toy. It is dead quiet too. You probably could barely hear it even when you were using it!

This is a lay-on vibrator, so just stick it down on the bed and ride it. If you are looking for more fun (as many of the Romantic Adventures customers are), you can take it in the shower or bath. 

Fantasy For Her Ultimate Thrusting Clit Stimulator 

We don’t even know where to begin with this sex toy for her. There is just so much going on. You have clitoris stimulation. You have the vibration. You have the gyrations. There is even a little bit of heat to make it that much more pleasurable.

There are multiple settings, and if the customers that go into Romantic Adventures Jackson MS, are to be believed, this clit stimulator performs better than most guys! 

Le Wand Rechargeable Massager 

The wand massager has always been one of the more popular sex toys among women. We have a couple of them on this list.

In the past, the wand massagers were plug-in only. They weren’t all that portable. However, technology didn’t allow it to be done any other way. 

Batteries couldn’t deliver the power that a good wand massager needed. Fortunately, that changed, and these introduced these to the range of products at Romantic Adventures as soon as we found out.

There are ten different vibration settings and 20 different vibration patterns. You are virtually guaranteed an orgasm with this baby.

Magic Wand Original

If you want the original Magic Wand, then we have that too. This plugs right on into the wall and boasts a lot more power than the battery equivalent. 

Of course, all the market about the Magic Wand (this used to be the Hitachi Magic Wand) claims that it is a personal massager to relax your major muscle groups but, come on, let’s be honest, we all know what the Magic Wand is used for. 

That is why they stock it at Romantic Adventures.

Intimate Earth Clitoral Gel

This isn’t a sex toy, but it is insanely popular with our Romantic Adventures team and customers. This is because it makes using your sex toys that much better. Dab a little bit of this on your clitoris, and it becomes more sensitive. 

This means bigger and far stronger orgasms. 

Neon Luv Touch Slender G Pink Vibrator 

Do you want to know the secret to the best orgasms? Yep. Hitting that g-spot.

This sex toy for her has been shaped to hit that g-spot perfectly. As soon as you get the Neon Luv Touch Slender in position, you will let out the biggest moan of your life.

Multiple speeds here, and you can even use it in the shower.

Clone-a-Willy Vibrating Dildo Kit 

Want to have your man’s penis wherever you are? Well, have a bit of fun with this Clone-a-Willy kit. This kit will allow you to make a cast of your lover’s penis. Once you are done, you have your vibrator. 

Trust us, this will make those long trips away from your partner much easier!

Mischief Chained Nipple Clamps

Looking to dive into bondage without spending a ton of cash on gear? Well, these nipple clamps can be a great place to start. The Romantic Adventures team often recommends them to customers that ask about BDSM.

Despite the low price, they are well-made. They even have tension adjustments on them so that you can shake up the experience. 

Final Thoughts 

Remember, every single one of these top 10 sex toys for her are available from us here at Romantic Adventures. You can pick them up online or head to the Romantic Adventures Jackson MS store. 

If you aren’t sure what you want, then feel free to get in touch (or speak to us in-store). Our team loves to help people find their next sex toy.


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