Top 3 positions to increase female orgasm

It could take a typical lady about 10 to 15 minutes before reaching orgasm. It’s more problematic and frustrating if she’s not taking the right positions. Various sex experts have argued sexual positioning, but its importance cannot be over-emphasized. Putting her in the right position could help you help her climax faster. However, you need to pay attention to her body language like that; you get to understand what position she enjoys the most. Knowing that would serve as a pointer to making her climax.

The female body is wired in such a way that they tend to have a longer time frame when it comes to climaxing. Hence, there’s more to having huge dicks and sleek moves. The big question is, can you make her climax in the first 5 minutes? If you can’t, you need to read this to the very end. If you’ve seen some Porndoe clips, then you might have in some points want to become a porn star, as you could see the ladies, literally enjoying every moment of the sex. You could be more if you could take note of these three positions.

Cowgirl/reverse cowgirl:

There’s no position as intense as these, and the reason is because of the penetrating effect. In this position, the lady is the controller since she knows how she wants it, where she wants it. Allowing her to take control of how it should be done doesn’t seem like a bad idea. This position is relatively easy to pull off. The guy lies down on their back while the lady sits on the penis and rides. If it’s the reverse cowgirl, instead of facing you, she turns and faces the other way round. Her hand on your legs and her ass faces you. This position is quite common on porn sites, especially Porndoe.


This is about the most popular position. However, if you can utilize this position, you can bed any birdie in no time. Mastering the missionary position is quite easy; all the lady does is lie on her back while you lie on her. The intimacy in this position is one of the reasons why it’s regarded as one of the best positions to make a lady climax easily and quickly. If you want her screaming your name while climaxing, you might want to pick up the pace.

Doggy style:

As the name implies, the doggy style features the lady on her fours while the man comes in from behind. The beauty of this position is that the man could also spank the lady while banging from behind. However, be sure she wants to be spanked before spanking her, as some lady sees it as a violation of her body and an act of violence. The doggy style sees deep thrusting of the penis directly into the vagina area, delivering maximum pleasure to both parties. She could climax in less than 10 minutes when done the right way. However, you need to pay attention to both her body and her moans. They are essential if you want her to climax quickly.


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